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Well if NickJ can do it...at which grounds have you watched City inside the home end?


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Posted this in the other thread but better here:
Only been to the (new) den once, but a nice story: Away end was all ticket so went in one of the side stands. City went 2-0 up (Goater I think, was about 97ish). Anyway bloke behind me gets up and screams at the singing City fans in the away end; 'why don't you all **** off back up north!'.

In a parallel universe I would have explained, but thought better of it....

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Rovers (Ikea Super Bowl)

Celebrated Steve Johnson's near miss, before being marched out of the North Enclosure with several hundred like minded chums 

Rovers (Trumpton)

That ******* game when whooseball won the day (on the anniversary of Mansfield's epic victory). Sneaked into St John Ambulance tent early doors, complaining of dizziness, returning to the away end to avoid detection.

Other notables include:

Notts County (was £2 cheaper) in FA cup 2-2 draw 1984 - escorted to away end after about 3 mins (after we scored - Crawford), when locals took exception to our celebrations

Aldershot 1982, before being chased across the pitch by a hungry looking police dog!

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33 minutes ago, Scrumpty said:

Sort of doing it at Fulham. Apparently there's a neutrals area. Look out for me, I'll be the only non-Japanese in there, apparently!

Are the Japanese still interested now they aren't in The Prem?

Anyway on topic the only one I can remember is a 2-1 win at the Mem, Goater and Agostino (naturally) scored for us, Beadle had a penalty saved by Stuart Naylor for the blue few..

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Cardiff in the early 90s it was in the JPT or whatever it was called back then.  It was an evening match and we lost 1-0, it was cold, the match was total crap made worse by the fact we were sat in amongst the Cardiff fans.  Still at least I didn't have to worry about what id do if City scored...  I think we won the second leg back at the gate 5-0.  Seems like a very long time ago, probably because it was!

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