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Alex Pearce


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It seems young Zak has taken all the flak for his performance but I think Pearce was equally culpable.I thought he was absolutely awful.For a central defender I rarely saw him get off the ground and his distribution was bad as well.His play for the first goal was terrible,as the forward got nearer to goal he seemed to be covering the pass across goal.Also on the fourth goal he did nothing to stop Wilson get in a free header and then looked around as if it wasn't his man.If he thinks he's got a chance of playing in the Euros he better have a re-think.I just hope Baker is back Saturday and maybe Ayling if fit.

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1 minute ago, roe said:

How about we just accept that as a team we weren't good enough and actually support all of our players? Is that too much to ask?

Judging by the reaction at the end, I think most of us did. Definitely not as much grief dished out as other games we`ve lost. The reaction on here`s been pretty `understanding` too I think.

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