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Cardiff Midday Kickoff


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20 minutes ago, Davefevs said:

Thanks all.  I could've sworn that the calendar I downloaded from sky had it as 3pm.  No probs.

I expect it was originally a 3 o'clock kick off as are ALL games provisionally on a Saturday at the start of the season. It's only when sky look through the fixtures and decide what they want does the kick off time change, for example if you look in December at the March fixtures it will show all games are to be at 3 o'clock as the TV schedule for March hasn't been picked in December.  

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1 hour ago, Robbored said:

There's plenty of "history" between City and Cardiff that goes back decades so it's no surprise that the ko is at midday. Suits Sky and the police  perfectly.  

No fans restrictions required with all the pubs shut. 

Firstly, if it was going to go 'off' it wouldn't make a difference if it's a 12 o clock or 3 pm kick off, There's no rule to say there can't be trouble before midday!!

Secondly, since when has this game been on Sky?, and thirdly, since when have you heard all the pubs will be shut?

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