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just been down to the bar and sports grill for lunch...

simon uk

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And it was tremendous, excellent guy on the door/ managing, excellent food, i had a hat trick burger, with excellent quick service and great value. Im sure its confirmed on the main site that its now open daily. I just hope there are sufficient patrons around to make it all pay.

Maybe not the right place to feed it back i but wanted to reach the biggest target audience. I dont mind dishing out my opinion on the role of the board on playing matters if i dont agree with what they do, but hopefully the investment in infratructure stands us in good stead for years to come. Keep it up, bcfc!!

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2 minutes ago, BCFC11 said:

I used to like Miss Milles, gone right downhill nowadays, cant stand it.

Never been to any of the non-beast street outlets and not to that one for probably well over a year.

Good to read positive reviews of the food and booze. Will probably head to the Sports Bar for a few bevs in the near future as I haven't been yet.

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38 minutes ago, Griffin said:

Was a shambles there couple of weeks ago, how much did they pay you to write this?

A couple of weeks ago it wasn't even officially open. They were letting people in to test processes and get practice for the staff. We went there for one of the rugby internationals and they were asking for feedback and ideas. I recommend you try it again, it was excellent on Tuesday night. 



Oh and they haven't paid me a penny :). 

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