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Hull City Chairman ain't happy with 30 pound price cap

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2 minutes ago, Dave said:

The fans cause would look a little silly, when £30 is introduced if they then started paying way over this amount for tickets from other sources.

Some clubs have what amounts to closed shops for away allocations:  you need full credits to apply for certain games, and the only way to maintain full credits is to apply for every game whether you intend to go or not.  Friend of mine used to have a ST at Manchester United, and he and his group applied for everything, knowing they could offload spares easily, otherwise they knew they would not get Liverpool away, City away etc.  Same situation exists for Liverpool now.  Sure, some people will sell to mates at face value, but others will be touted at way over the odds.  Yes, gbp30 tickets will help one group of fans spend less, but they will also give greater profits to people touting them.

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