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Sports Bars in other stadiums


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After our visit to the Sports Bar on Sunday for the Roast Dinner I must say I was mightily impressed at how much they've dramatically improved the service and overall feel of the place in the last few weeks. It did get me thinking though, as someone who's not been to an away game for a few seasons - and even then probably drinking in a grotty "away" pub, how does this venue compare to any similar facilities at any other clubs of our size &/or ambition? I was talking to the current manager (Mike, I think) and it sounds like an exciting place to be part of  

Really hope @Mkelly sorts out a fan-park for the Euros as it really could be a great way to watch the tournament COYR 


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Slightly off topic but a few years ago I used to live in the North West and as my job involves visiting businesses I used to occasionally frequent the coffee lounge in the hotel part of Boltons then Reebok Stadium. That was a very nice place to be for a couple of hours doing work as you had free wifi as well as good coffee & snacks. The added bonus was sometimes eavesdropping on agents trying to do deals on their mobiles for their player clients!

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24 minutes ago, ciderbeans said:

Is there seriously a 'mightier than though' section upstairs in the bar? Since when did we become bully big balls? It's the real fans that drive the clubs income. Disgraceful they have done this.

The club have always had an area for the supporters club members. Currently it's the upstairs. Anyone can go there if they are in the supporters club. 

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1 hour ago, cynic said:

Not true.

I am a member of the SC&T but you require a higher level of membership to use the upper level (in every sense apparently) in the sports bar.

Even so, there shouldn't be a separate  area for one class of supporter - use the corporate areas if that is necessary.

That, coupled with reserved tables, makes it a no go area as far as I'm concerned.

Its not a sports bar, its a mix of restaurant and members club.



Still it gives those that sit upstairs a sense of importance apparently....and a bacon sandwich of course or should that be prawn sandwich? ;)

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