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Disgusting, no place for this!!


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Spitting at an opponent is not frowned upon overseas so severely as it is in the country. I'm referring to mostly Latin countries.

Thankfully it's never been a part of our game which is why most of us find it disgusting.

Years ago when playing I saw a team mate press one nostril in and blew hard through the other side into the palm of his hand and caught a spectacular wedge!

Within a minuet or so he patted his opponent on the back of his head "hard luck mate" he said......the bloke had no idea that he had a slimy wedge in In hair.

No that was disgusting..........:facepalm:


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21 minutes ago, The Dolman Pragmatist said:

What, spitting?  You think that's worse than breaking someone's leg with a two-footted tackle?  Oh well, each to their own.

There's a difference isn't there? Physically breaking someone's leg is totally different to coughing a grenny up & depositing in someone's face!! If you think spitting in someone's face is acceptable then I'm glad I don't know you or have never played football against you!!

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Just now, Griffin said:

What game was it where someone spat in someone else's hair? Believe it happened to a German? I'm to young to remember properly but I know it was in to the back of a giant mullet.

West Germany Vs Holland, Voller & Reijkard!! Dirty bastards!!

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