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LJ - players need to socialize more

And Its Smith

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Oh my word - Little Lee reckons if they all socialise together rather than in little groups, all will be fine - post match interview!

12 points in 63 isn't it ?

Please SL - relieve your adopted son's pain and hand him the P45 before it gets any worse for HIM AND US!


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6 minutes ago, RedDave said:

Johnson and team have had a frank discussion and he then said perhaps they need a team night out.  

The guy continues to stagger me.  

A team night out....like in the days of Lita, Orr, Partridge and Scitt Brown because that ended well:whistle:

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2 minutes ago, Jacki said:

That socialising comment was remarkable. How can he have allowed it to happen and fester? 

He sounded like a broken man. But apparently he's 'up for the fight' and the players will go on a run. So I feel much better now...

The same run we were told they were going to start 8 weeks ago? And 10 weeks ago and so on...

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