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Loud bangs


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2 minutes ago, boatman said:

There's perhaps a joke about Johnson, bombs and IsIs but I think a banning order will be in place if I take it any further.

Moderators are not in again this weekend.

Feel free to express yourself.




tfj  :protest:

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1 minute ago, Tears in rain said:

So jokes about the gulag aren't a good idea at others times? :shutup:

It all hinges on taste, obviously, and how scared you are of the OTIB moderators.

Ask yourself? Do you feel lucky? Well - DO YOU, punk???




tfj  :protest:

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4 minutes ago, Taxi for Johnson said:

Very observant of you.

I was worried it was too subtle.


tfj  :protest:, FFS, please God?

Monorail for Johnson,  no chance of a U-turn.

I might even set my crack team of Stoats on him, at his size it'd be like being attacked by tigers. :ph34r:

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