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Vote Jonny Smith

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I thought I would bring this over from the Loan Watch thread as I know not everyone reads it. Thanks to @Garycpos for bringing this to our attention.


BBC Sport have selected Jonnys Goal to be in for one of the Goals of the round on the BBC Sport website.

I could do with all your help from everyone on the forums to vote for him !! Please:) 

Voting opens tomorrow....


I have added a link for you here

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17 minutes ago, richwwtk said:

Done, but he's pretty low down on the vote at the moment...

They haven't actually shown all of it, he started off nearly level with the Penalty area. There are some good goals in their too, Carey's is very good. They actually haven't included what I thought was the best team goal, Boreham Woods equaliser which was 8 or 9 passes and the guy who scores was involved twice in the build up. I would be proud if we scored that goal. it starts at 1:36 in.


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