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Footballing Dynasties, keep it in the family

Major Isewater

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I was just thinking a little bit about this subject ( international break n' all) at City evidently we've had Gary and now Lee Johnson .

Leroy Rosenior and son Liam played for us .

Terry Cooper and his son Mark , although I'm not sure that he ever played a first team game for us .

It's a shame that the great city players never had offspring as gifted as they were.

Imagine son of Gow, Cheeseley or Ritchie coming on to play for us . 

Are there any other family dynasties I missed out from City ?


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20 minutes ago, Septic Peg said:

Um... not on the pitch but Steve and Jon Lansdown?


I know Scott's lad had a trial, not sure how he got on... but if he's in the academy...

Jay Murray, yeah, someone told me he was playing for North Somerset.

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