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Bobby Reid - Article

P'head Red

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5 hours ago, P'head Red said:

Just read a good interview with Bobby Reid in regards to his and the teams success in recent months. 

Worth a read if you have a spare 5 minutes. 


Excellent article, particularly the quotes from Bobby.  If anyone is in any doubt about the value of sending players out on loan (eg Taylor Moore) then Bobby's experiences at Plymouth and Oldham answer a few questions.

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9 hours ago, BCFC Richard said:

Senegal have qualified for WC today so we could, in theory, have a few players playing. COD for ROI Fammy for Senegal and obviously young bobby for England. 

And Australia drew 0-0 in Honduras so have to be favourites for the second leg in Sydney.

Could well have four - Hörður, Fammy, COD and Bailey.

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