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Flint & Baker


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1 minute ago, Donkeeebles said:

A caller to Radio Sheffield said he felt Flint & Baker are the best central defensive pairing in the championship. Is there a better one? 

Certainly not many. 

Possibly Terry & Samba..? 

AF & NB both have much longer left in the game than that pairing though. 

It will be really interesting to see if Flint’s head is still turned, or if he realises how good he’s got it here. 

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34 minutes ago, Gillies Downs Leeds said:

Samba has hardly played as he?


6 minutes ago, Fordy62 said:

Correct. Chester is the answer you’re looking for. 

True. Samba played against us but you are right, Chester seemed to be more regular and then obviously JT got injured. 


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Both Baker and Flint are huge guys and facing them must be like facing  brick wall. That said, if the opposition can get Flint isolated then he lacks the skill on the deck as we saw against Brum last season. Baker is a better ball player and they compliment each other's game.

With Bryan at LB and Wright/Pisaro at RB City have a very decent back four. Put Pack in front of them and that adds to the defensive  unit. Hörður on the bench in case of injury or suspension.

LJ clearly knows the strengths and weaknesses of all his players and sets up accordingly. He's beginning to reverse the view of some fans who claimed that he didn't have a clue what he was doing.

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3 minutes ago, wayne allisons tongues said:

The back 4 are playing well but was only 2 seasons ago 3 of our current back 4 were playing together and we were leaking goals for fun. 

Maybe its 2 seasons more experience or they’ve improved over time, just get a little nervous that the form of 2 years could return.

Experience certainly but credit to LJ and his backroom staff for developing such a tight squad.

Most of us can see just how different the 'feel' is about the squad and that's shown in the performances we've seen so far this season. Only two defeats in 17 games and a decent cup run is testament to that.

Long may it continue 

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8 minutes ago, OldlandReddies said:

The two games that we have lost this season Baker wasnt playing in the back 4. What a signing he was. Whoever it was at Villa who decided he could leave should be shot.......but thankyou from all at BCFC.

He is playing out of his skin this year - a far better player than he was when he was here on loan.

Personally I think he`s going the extra mile to prove a point to Villa - a great big **** you for getting rid of him to bring in a has been.

Their loss, our gain.

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14 minutes ago, BS4 on Tour... said:

Wahey! We had a thread similar to this last season saying Mags and Flint were the best pairing in the championship! Let's calm down, we are Bristol City....

Maybe so but this was started by a Sheffield fan on the radio, we're just agreeing with him :laugh: 

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20 minutes ago, Pezo said:

Data doesn't lie and we have conceded the joint most goals in top 6.

Well, yes, but it is very tight. We have conceded 16, and the others 16, 15, 15, 15 and 13 (the best by Cardiff). The top six are the best 6 defensively, which says something I suppose. It is also about shape, how you defend as a team etc. 

I think we play pretty progressively, which maybe puts more pressure on the back line. We are certainly up there. Also worth adding we let in three against Leeds when we had Flint and Hegeler together.



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