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Ashton Gate our issue?


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We struggle to break down teams that come to not be broken down/come for a point. 

We carved open Derby, and played well against Cardiff too. We probably will have more joy on the road than we have done in recent years, as the likes of Burton/Bolton/Millwall etc won't set up the same way at home as they do away.

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Said early in season that the way we play and set up , that we might get nearly as many points away from home as at home

A theme through modern football I'd suggest (Would like to see home / away point percentages across their leagues over last 10-15years )

Many / Most sides are set up to and at their best on the counter attack , and we are certainly one 

In an ideal world We and all sides would either be so good / superior to opposition that our style / method didn't matter , or have two entirely ways of playing home and away , if it was only that simple ;)


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23 minutes ago, Kid in the Riot said:

Absolutely. Alex Neil does not set his sides up to park the bus. Knew this before the game and thought it would play into our hands. But alas, they were just a better team than us on the night.

Quite right, there a good side clearly given a boost last night by players returning from injury. 

We were poor but to be fair PNE are certainly not a Milwall, Burton type side.

Not surprised they had a good start to the season up until there bad spell mainly due to injuries. 

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