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Reading charging a FIVER for Christmas game

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19 minutes ago, phantom said:

500th game at the Madjeski = 500p admission not a bad idea

Not sure we should employ this theory with the number of games we have played at AG8

I tried googling it but couldn't find an easy answer. I've got time on my hands this morning so here goes an estimate.

Guess you could work it out by adding up the league games and dividing by two.  But then you'd have to go back through every cup run, all friendlies and also factor in the shifting number of league games across seasons.  Also, remove the war years. Also we played the 1900/01 season at both St John's Lane and AG, so you need to account for that as well.

AG has been our permanent home since the 1901/02 season, so for 116 seasons.  Take away 4 years for WW1 and 6 for WW2, plus remove the 1939/40 season that was abandoned after 3 games (I cannot find data showing how many of those three were at home).  That gives you 105 completed seasons.

1901/02 - 1904/05 there were 34 league games a season - so 17 at home - gives 68

1905/06 - 1914/15 there were 38 league games a season - so 19 at home - gives 190

1919/20 - 1938/39 and 1946/47 - 1949/50 there were 42 league games a season - so 21 at home - gives 504

1950/51 - 1954/55 there were 46 league games a season - so 23 at home - gives 115

1955/56 - 1959/60 we're back to 42 league games a season - so 21 at home - gives 105

1960/61 - 1964/65 we're back to 46 league games a season - so 23 at home - gives 115

1965/66 - 1980/81 we're back to 42 league games a season - so 21 at home - 294

then from 1981/82 to the present day we're at 46 league games a season - 23 at home - gives 828

plus the 8 league home games this season, plus lets say 10 from 1900/01 and one from the 1939/40 season.

So that gives a grand total of 2,238 home league games

No, I've wasted a fair bit of time working that out so I'm not going to go through all the cup games and friendlies in similar detail.

Let's assume 2 home friendlies each season - anther 210 games.

A quick perusal of our history shows that we roughly get to round 3 of the FA Cup. I don't know how many of those have been home ties, or which round we started in each season so again lets estimate two home FA cup games each season - another 210 games.

The League Cup has been going since the 1960/61 season and it looks as though we tend to get to round 2 of this, so lets assume just one home league cup game each season (yes I know we've had three this season and have Manchester soon - but it's a fluke). That's another 57 matches.

As for the lower league trophies like the FA Trophy, Welsh Cup and other competitions over the years - well god knows but lets whack on another 50 matches to try and cover those.

So that's 2,238 league games plus an estimated 210 friendlies plus an estimated 317 cup games to give a grand total of 2,765.

Or a fixed price of 3,000p for the opening Europa League group game against Sporting Lisbon in the autumn of 2022.

If anyone is equally blessed with time then feel free to check my figures. Numbers have been taken from here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Bristol_City_F.C._seasons


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