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Can I make a suggestion to all those going to Hull by car?

Never to the dark side

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We travel all these long journeys and never look at the scenery.

So may I make a suggestion to travel to Hull via the outskirts of Scunthorpe

M18 at junction FIVE and join the M180 and come off at junction FIVE

and head towards Hull via the Humber bridge

Although there is a toll charge which I THINK is £1:50

See the rest of you hoardes at Hull


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19 minutes ago, WhistleHappy said:

Or cruise uo to Hull and back by boat with this lot..... 


You know it makes sense... :) 

You do know that one went to Hull in the back of Denzil's lorry, one drove and the other got a train?

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Just a reminder that BBC Humberside don't have access to radio commentaries now,

its updates only.

If you wanna listen to the radio commentary its viking 2 on medium wave 1161 and DAB

Although BBC Humberside  will have a phone in on 95:9

But you'll have to contend with Grimsby and Scunthorpe followers

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