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Season Ticket (not what you think!)


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Evening all,

I have 2 season tickets, and want to renew for next year, however the guy i normally go with (and ticket is in his name) has a new job and cannot commit.

However i have another friend who is willing to take the ticket, 

Question: Can i renew them, and change the name of the 2nd ticket? Or should i just renew both and leave the old friends name on it?


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2 hours ago, KevP said:

And if the previous one was a "Plus" ticket, they will charge you another £20 to make the new name a "Plus" ticket. That's Bristol Sport for ya !

There is no plus now.

In terms of original post, honesty is best policy as we do not know details of loyalty scheme and the new person may be miss out !?!

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13 hours ago, Coombsy said:

I bet they won't let you renew both tickets and change names they will ask you to wait until general sale 


If people get married, there is a name change. Or divorced, people sometimes go back to their maiden name. Ok you might not bother changing the name on the ST card half way through the season but at the start of the next season you would wouldn’t you.

Serious question, I hadn’t thought of this before but when gay people get married/civil partnership do one of them take the name of the other like a marriage between a man and a woman or do they each keep their own name, maybe they go double barrelled? That used to be only for posh people now it seems more used in a case of a child whose parents aren’t married ? Gone a bit off track here, but name changes must be something the club has to deal with.

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