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Watching the sports news on "Look East" rather than "Points West" tonight. Marcus Evans, the owner of Ipswich Town admits "I made a mistake last season by increasing the price of Season Tickets. Attendances are dwindling, so next season the Sts will be reduced in price by 10%"

There is also speculation that Mick McCarthy could be on his way out.

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2 hours ago, Davefevs said:

Decent choice.

He won't last as long as Mick McCarthy that's for sure. And he will want some money for transfer fees, which has been noticeably absent of late over there. 

Like many fans, you sometimes need to be careful what you wish for (Arsenal & Wenger?). And like many a relationship, the grass isn't necessarily any greener on the other side. Midtable boredom and safety versus the uncertainty of either pushing for promotion or fighting relegation...

But if you can face both of those with equal passion then you are truly a supporter of your club! 

I guess that's what some of the Ipswich fans have been missing over the past few years, after the longest spell of any the current clubs at this level: something to really cheer, be it success, or even just survival, assuming that's as bad as it gets.

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