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Wally Hinshelwood : RIP


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1 minute ago, phantom said:

Ex City right winger Wally Hinshelwood has passed away aged 89

He joined City from Reading in 1956 and played 148 times, scoring 16 times over the following four years

Am sure those who watched City in the late 1950's will remember him fondly 


RIP Wally

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46 minutes ago, BS4 on Tour... said:

I agree....I love the fact that three players called Harry have played for England recently - a proper name....

Rest easy Wally...


Not for a thread like this but there aren't enough Stans, Wallys, and Johns any more.

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Like many wingers in the 1950 / 1960 era, on his day, he was unstoppable. But the reverse was a day when nothing went right. He played in an era when wingers hugged the touchline and didn't have defensive duties.

A decent player was Wally and he was also a reasonable cricketer for a local club while he was here.

Had two sons who played league football and I believe one or two of his grandsons also made the grade.

Thanks for the memories, Wally.

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13 hours ago, Ivorguy said:

This sad event brings back a flood of memories of a time long ago when football was the real deal

RIP and thanks for the good memories

I must admit when I first read this thread one of my first thoughts was that you would be upset - I expect you saw Wally play many times. He was well before my time but 148 games in four years is good going by anyone`s standard.

RIP Wally.

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