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Looking forward to tonight under the lights and on TV against the leaders. Will find out exactly where we are in terms of progress , not only are they top they are on a great run.

We are more than capable on our day and if the match tonight does not lift our performance I would be very surprised. 

Team selection will be interesting, do we contain them or go at them. Looks like they will be missing at least one centre half so definitely game for fam to be up for. Would love to see us go at them and trust our defence to restrict them.

Reckon we can do it 2 1.

Team selection could be interesting,  not going to even guess how we may line up although feel there may be a surprise.

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1 hour ago, bcfc01 said:

Press 'em and get at their young full backs.

This - let us have some freedom and have a right go at them. After the last few results we have a bit of a free shot at them, please just no borefest with 1 or 2 shots on target all game (for us)..

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2 minutes ago, pongo88 said:

Gale force wind and heavy rain = mistakes galore = goals. It will be a six goal extravaganza, though I’m not sure how the goals will be shared between the teams. 

Good theory: I fancy it maybe one of those crazy results & the weather gives it more of a basis. 

City 4-3. Think the Gate is due one of these see-saw/high scoring affairs affairs. And if we finished the wrong end of a seven goal thriller no harm done and some positive energy created. 

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1 minute ago, Leveller said:

That’s ridiculous. It’s obvious that if we lose 1-0 LJ must go.

If we will 1-0, he is totally vindicated.


If we lose he must go

If we draw they were there for the taking so he must go

If we win, it was too scrappy and it was a lucky win, he must go. 


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