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Bristol City v Brentford Match Day 24


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I sat on a deck chair, the angled legs wedged to their sandy anchorages like pubs on four stadium corners. My legs outstretched slowly paralleling themselves with the soft beach firmament. I was alone save for a pair of sea gulls hovering on the wind above the changing shoreline and looking for an opening. As incongruous a sight as one could imagine on a winters morning full of foreboding weather. Yet in the far distance of the long, straight, outstretched beach a patch; a small ray of sunshine punched a hole in the cloud illuminating a circle in the sand. 

Nearby the bubbly froth of the incoming tide receded along the shoreline revealing small shells and pebbles racing a rollercoaster back to the safety of the sea, a defensive retreat. My eye followed this froth to the distant patch of sun, this ray of hope, and stopped. A dark dot or two, perhaps a clump, apparently moving. I gazed away and then back and the clump soon became a group of shaped dots. Soon I could start counting. The dots became tiny figures and then revealed different colours amongst them. The ray of hope remained above illuminating them while all around remained ill of will as I slipped further into the sand and the deck chair legs offering up defeat like a whimpering back four.  

Soon the sounds and sights of sea gulls were gone replaced by vibrating thuds of water splashes growing louder, shapes now gave way to perhaps twenty figures pounding the beach bedecked in running gear of red, white, black, purple and green with sandy coloured splashes covering running shoes and legs alike. A noise drone became organised and soon individual voices broke through. The clattering thunder of legs pounding the wet shoreline becoming a cacophony now and still the patch followed this organised gang of athletes. To them I seemed invisible but soon they would be upon me and now I had nowhere to go. 

And momentarily I felt the sun on my shivering face. And like a defence being overwhelmed by a potent strike force the deck chair and me slipped into the quick sand and all I could hear above was the pounding weight and feel the vibration of an earthquake all around me. Somewhere in my mind I had said good morning and voices had responded in kind. All at once I saw a Johnson, Patterson, O’Dowda, Brownhill, Pack, Maanpää, McAllister, Pisano, Weimann, Holden, Diedhiou, Kelly, Taylor, Baker, Hunt, Holden, Kalas, Fielding, Wright, Eisa, Eliasson, Watkins, Dasilva, Adelakun, Webster, Smith, Walsh, Morrell and O’Leary. The sun was so warm on my face and on my body and I felt so good with the taste of honey and victory. The deck chair was gone and I stood alone on Brean Sands and Brentford had been crushed and swallowed into the firmament like a Bee disappearing into a hive.

I walked off to enjoy my Christmas and I hope you all did too. 

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Surprised to see Brentford where they are. Thought they looked good when we played at Griffin Park and the win felt like a real smash and grab at the time. Since then they seem to have slipped and slipped, but I think they’re still a good side and will finish comfortably mid-table at worst.

Come on though City! We’re due a home win, and three points here would transform this promising run into an excellent one. 

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1 hour ago, redseptember said:

Was with havana all the way till all credibility lost by linking “the sun was so warm” and “Brean Sands”.

Never been seen in the same room.

Also, if the tide was out  there's no way he could see the "bubbling froth of the incoming tide" from that distance ! :)


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