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Scudamore's Sucessor


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1 minute ago, slartibartfast said:

Surprised he's not been tapped up already, being a red.

Someone said they saw him Boxing Day AG. He could be waiting until the official end of his Contract but I think he would be a good consultant if he is not interested in Full time.

We already know he loves the club so it wouldn’t just be a job.

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39 minutes ago, Red Right Hand said:

Aren`t the PL keeping him on as some sort of consultant or something though. 

Isn't that why the prem asked all the clubs to chip in for RS's golden handshake, to tie him in as a consultant after he steps down ?

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1 minute ago, Red Right Hand said:

I think that was said afterwards in an attempt to justify the whip-round they asked for.

A bit like the chicken or the egg - which came first? :)


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