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Congratulations to the City medical team ...

Rudolf Hucker

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23 minutes ago, Rudolf Hucker said:

... for finally fixing Famara's wrist 'problem'. The trademark strapping was absent from his wrist at Forest, replaced with mere sweat bands. It's a modern day miracle.


ummm he has been wearing just wristbands for a while now - there was even a thread about it weeks ago.... just sayin

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5 minutes ago, EnderMB said:

Canadian people are absolutely lovely! I spent a week in Toronto two years ago, and literally everyone I spoke to was lovely, even when watching the Maple Leafs and Blue Jays.

If Canada has a wrist problem, it's probably from holding the door open too much.

Agreed, very nice people, I even met a nice French Canadian once and apparently even the French find them a bit arrogant. :)  I was once told that you could tell someone from Toronto by the rubbish in their pockets (they never litter). 

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