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Emiliano Sala


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1 minute ago, Steve Watts said:

Obviously regardless of who is on board, let's hope they're found safe and sound.  From a selfish point of view....where does Steve live?  Can never remember which Channel Island it is.... 


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4 minutes ago, Negan said:

The worrying thing is there is nothing coming from Sala himself. You also have to question who is making that sort of flight? It's not a normal route so you'd think he was on board at the time. Very sad stuff so praying everyone is found unharmed. 

Apparently the first alert was Sala not responding to phone / social media posts etc

Doesnt look good

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Very sad news. 

My mind immediately thought back to the late 80’s when we’d signed Dean Horrix. He made a superb debut away at Shrews and then tragically died in a car crash the next day. 

Very sad situation for the player and pilot’s families and also for Cardiff. 

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22 minutes ago, chipdawg said:

This is awful news, regardless of who was on board. But you have to ask; what were Cardiff doing flying their record signing over in a little prop plane like that? If you're spending £12 million on a player, surely you can stretch to the £10k or so to charter a more modern plane?

No, you really don't have to ask that.

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8 minutes ago, Fordy62 said:

Awful news. Afraid to say that he would have tweeted by now to confirm that he was ok if he was. 


Very sad news, rival team etc goes out of the window on things like this

Agree that you would assume if he wasn't on the plane someone would have made contact with him by now

Fingers crossed the pilot and passenger may still be found alive

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  • The title was changed to Emiliano Sala

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