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Bristol City v Bolton Wanderers FA Cup Match Day

Septic Peg

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Evening folks.

A short one today, just because I literally only did a Bolton post a few weeks ago.

So apart from a few hundred tennis balls later, Bolton still look like sinking quicker than the Titanic.

If you want to read the previous thread, it's here. 

Snakey might play from the subs bench tonight but looks like Webby might still be out.

1-0 win and I think Andi is well overdue a tap in. Pop it in the net lad.


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They didn't look like absolute no-hopers to me last time or against WBA on TV.

We have to be careful tonight.

That said, i'm hoping for a win and a good game in the cold.

Hope a decent lot of us turn up, at least. I hate the smaller attendances.

City 3-1 Bolton Wanderers

... and onto Round 5 already


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