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Are City First Division Material

94th Minute

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We had our chance of going up last season, but then we had SM in the squad, the team was stronger and more confiedent looking than what they are now, so I see no hope of getting any where near the 1st div this season without the help of a miricle.

To me the team have lost a bit of the old fighting spirit they had last season, and untill it's recaptured I can see City staying in the 2nd div without even reaching the playoffs. :(

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Fight, & lose,it would be relegation, cos this

team is weaker than the last time we went up, in every department,  even Tinman is older, definitley straight back down, unless some rich Ivan decides to buy up City??!!! :(  :D  :Rage:

I'm not so sure about that. There are only a few players that were better tan what we have now,

Gk - Welch, Phillips is better

Lb - Barnard/Bell - would take barnard as he was in the team now.

Rb - Locke - Amankwaah and carey are better.

Cb - Carey - Coles is a better centre back

Cb - Taylor - Now this is something we have been missing ever since, sadly the ideal successor to taylor is currently sat on a third month on loan at cheltnham.

Rm - Goodridge/Murray - Both were pretty poor at this time, Robbo is better at right wing now than either of these two were.

Lm - Tinman - younger, so i'd have him in.

Cm - Doherty - I would gladly take the doc of this time over the one we have now

Cm - Hewlett - was incredibly effective beside the terrier like doc, but no different to clisty, wilkshire, and Hulbert is better than all of them.

Goater - Now this is what we miss.

Torpey/Nugent - very good support strikers, neither got quite enough goals to stop them becoming scapegoats, but the majority of goaters and subsequently akinbyis' goals, were layed on a silver platter by one of these two.

In real terms we are only really missing 3 components, a commanding centre back, like taylor which Butler certainly is not. A pure goalscorer, Peacock is getting there but isn't quite yet clinical enough. And most importantly a manager who knew what he was doing, although Ward was never going to be good enough to do it in division 1 as he just didn't understand advanced tactics, but he got the players playing well and pushed us up out of this division, he knew exactly what was needed to get us up.

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Guest SteveinNC

City will not go up this season......or next, unless we make some major changes. DW has passed his sell by date, and I don't think he will get us promotion. We have SOME good players, but also some that are barely good enough for Div 2. I just don't think we have what it takes yet to go up! :Costumed19:

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