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Plymouth and Bournemouth then.


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Back in August I started a FA Cup thread to follow the progress of local teams through the rounds.

We gradually lost the likes of Brislington and Keynsham, then Bath and Mangotsfield etc. Now after the third round Cheltenham, City, Rovers, Yeovil and Exeter all gone. The sole representatives of the South West now are Plymouth and Bournemouth. 

Extreme localish I know, but fingers crossed for their progress. ?

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32 minutes ago, Toffee dog said:

Sorry Dorset most definitely in the West Country/South West /Wessex

Apart from historically Bournemouth wasn’t part of Dorset, unlike Poole. All changed in the 70s reorganisation, when Avon was also created.


2 hours ago, milo1111 said:

Can’t say I share that sentiment. 

plymouth , whilst not a derby on my book are still rivals who we have had our dust ups with down the years. A proper club though so respect for that.

bournemouth however, not even West Country, shit club, cheated their way (ffp didn’t apply to their sandbanks oligarch) to the prem and now basking in parachute payments. Prime example of everything wrong with modern day football for me. 

And agree, Plymouth - fair play to the Janners.

Bournemouth agree - broke the rules on FFP but made back far more than ever paid out in fines. Sums up everything that’s wrong with football in this country. And if we are upset about it, fans of Yeovil (their traditional “local” rivals) must be extremely angry, especially considering the way their fortunes have diverged in the last few seasons.

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