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Shots for the boys


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Last season @Olé created this thread.

In it he drew our attention to the fact that we were due to break an ignoble record by quite some distance. Burton in 2017/18 took 409 shots in the season, and we were on track to do worse than that.

Needless to say, we destroyed the record by notching (by my numbers) a paltry 360 shots on goal (7.8 per game), 127 of which were on target (2.8 per game). Remember that this was also the season that we publicly targeted 90 goals. 90. Goals.

Well, in our next game away to Nottingham Forest we have a good chance of surpassing those figures WITH 11 GAMES TO SPARE!

Currently we've managed 349 shots, 123 of which have been on target. So if we have an average game of 11 shots with 4 on target, then we will have equalled last year's haul.

We should also equal or surpass last season's goal tally of 46, as we currently sit on 45 for the season.

I shall have the champagne on ice this week, and be ready to pop my cork in all directions as soon as Massengo bangs in his goal at the City Ground.

Anyway, this cheered me up after that late loss tonight.

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Just to note. We did indeed pass 2021/22's totals for both total shots, and total shots on target in the Forest game.

Now on 365 shots, and 128 on target.

We equalled, but did not surpass, last season's goals scored as well. 46.

So...um...yeh some sort of improvement there.

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