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footballers too old approaching their thirties?

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  • The title was changed to footballers too old approaching their thirties?

Basically saying what we (as fans) have been complaining about for years. Players coming in and seeing it as a Nursing home, an easy end to wind down a career. Decent money for little effort.
There have been, are and will be players like that. But as @Aaron-Bcfc mentions, there are some that genuinely want to play football. He's against players coming to wind down their careers, but also says that age isn't a problem. Basically , they will do due diligence, which they should have been doing anyway.

Portsmouth FC

‘That’s what we’re moving away from’: Portsmouth boss lays recruitment plans on line ahead of summer business

Pompey will no longer be a home for players looking for one more payday as their careers wind down.

Blues boss John Mousinho has made it clear the club will move away from signing experienced players stepping down from a higher level this summer.
Mousinho expects to see a shift in target being recruited, as the reshaped football operation at Fratton Park implement their plans.
And, although not completely shutting off landing those heading towards their thirties, that means stepping away from the type of players Pompey supporters with long memories will be familiar with.
‘That frustrates everyone,’ Mousinho said, when asked about signing footballers looking for a final payday.‘Sometimes you get those, they’re brilliant and do really well for the football club.
‘Other times it doesn’t quite work out.‘Sometimes you look at players from a higher level. Are they going to come down and perform?
‘They don’t quite do it and that can be really frustrating for everyone.
‘Age doesn’t really come into it. It’s a factor, but it doesn’t mean we wouldn’t sign a 28-year-old.
‘At the same time, probably what we’re moving away from is the older player coming down who’s already had his career.
‘They’ve got huge benefits to a lot of football clubs, absolutely no doubt, and we have some good ones here as well.
But just in terms of the direction the club is going we’re trying to move away from.

‘That’s the reason, if you look at this head coach appointment, we’re going to go younger and more development focussed. That’s what this thing is all about.’

The signs have been clear in Pompey’s January recruitment, the direction of travel being taken under Mousinho and sporting director Richard Hughes.
Mousinho added: ‘We’re looking for that development profile.
‘We’re looking at players, regardless of where they’ve come from, who haven’t quite yet hit the peak of their careers.

‘That’s what we’d like think we’re going to sign.

‘If it is a player coming down from the Championship, it will be because we think they haven’t necessarily managed to hit the highs yet and we can develop them.’

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23 minutes ago, Aaron-Bcfc said:

Wade Elliott/Wilbraham great examples for us in recent years as well

Yep, I think having a small set of trusted older players is a pretty essential part of a club... especially if you want to develop your youth.

They need to see what "good" looks like from both a playing and attitude perspective.

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