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Coining it in?


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2 hours ago, real_bristol said:

Just seen we’ve bagged a sleeve sponsor for tonight in addition to the safari park one. Any idea how much these will get us, or is the safari one a freebie as it’s a charity? I’m not saying it is a charity, it just looked like one based on the headline.

Also, what sort of overall revenue can we expect?

I'd love to do a Safari, one thing I've never done.

Fair play to the Lansdowns on their conservation efforts.

If I had their money, it's something I'd be interested in helping with as well.

Interview here not so long ago 



With Steve and NP we've gone full on David Attenborough and Tarzan ?


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…. SL a man who spends his money wisely - Bristol City/Sport and this wildlife refuge. Bravo. An absolute credit to him. 

Meanwhile Bonkers invests £100 billion of our taxpayers money on his rail line vanity project that destroys nature and saves 20 minutes on a trip from Brum to London. 

Hope the shirt tag brings us some luck, and if it doesn’t, at least it promotes something truly worthwhile. 

Great to see our Nige also having invested in a woodland. Have an few acres of ancient woodland down near Totnes/Dartmouth way, hard work but great for the body and mind … with the added bonus of blocking/buggering up the passage of those pesky fox hunters!

You reds!!!!

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