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Lee Miller


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Just back from the game and want to say that Lee Miller was outstanding. He won nearly every header and worked his socks off. Set up Lita's goal which was a great finish and is a must start for next week. Gillespie was also good and least he wants the ball and shows desire and heart.

Overall we were luky to get a point with so many players off their game. Free header for the first which Phillips should have saved but in all honesty we should of been 3 down. Coles is clearly missing Butler (never thought I'd say that we miss him) Fortune looks no where near a £400k player and though he saved the day thought Jamie Smith was awful and will almost certainly pick up a red card based on his tackling today. Murray was shocking and Freezer beat in man more in 15 mins than Murray did in 75 mins.

I'm Tommy's biggest fan but have to say that was the worst i've seen him in a couple of years. Son in summary, terrible but then after following them for years i've seen them play brilliantly and lose so I'll take the point.

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I agree with what you say, especially the bit about Miller.

Frankly, I found it embarrassing today. The words naive, inept and disorganised wouldn't look out of place in the match report. Bournemouth were robbed.

I find solace in the fact that Tins does seem to listen and respond to problems. I hope he listens hard this week and starts with Goodfellow on the right and Miller/Lita as a front pair.

I'm actually looking forward to going to work on Monday to relieve the stress :D

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I was there today as well and pretty much agree with you. Tommy just had an off day and I think that Smith will be ok long-term. Murray had a shocker and based on todays performances Goodfellow should take his place. Miller was absolutely superb and if he doesn't start on Saturday then Tinnion is crazy. I really liked the look of Gillespie as well. He is going to be very good.

We were clueless today until Miller came on. Even after the half-time changes the formation was bizarre. We had no left midfield at all as Anyisah came off and Miller played pretty central. This left poor Matt Hill very exposed.

I had my first pangs of concern about Tinnion today, but hopefully he is a fast learner. Miller must start.

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