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Nice vlog from Millwall Game

Tinmans Love Child

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There's good and bad everywhere I think and football is no different. I am sure there are some great characters within their fans.

In terms of the place itself, many years ago I worked all over the country, from Lands End to Aberdeen, from Haverfordwest to Great Yarmouth.

Of all the places I went to, the east end of London was the place I disliked being in the most. Unhelpful people, impossible traffic, miserable hotels, concrete surroundings. I couldn't wait to get out and remind myself what trees and cows looked like.

Sorry if that offends anyone, just how I saw it back then.

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In the early 70s I used to go to Cold Blow Lane (wonderful name) with a mate who was a Lions fan. In those days many of the supporters worked in the docks, there was a great bond between the fans and the players and brilliant humour in the shouting and singing. They had a reputation then for aggression, I think after they smashed up the  coach of a visiting team (might have been Portsmouth) but I never saw anything serious. I think it really kicked off later on that decade.

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