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The Fear Factor

Donnie Darko

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I think the problem with the last 3 seasons, is when we've got into a great position (ie top of the league for about a week in Jan or Feb), the players have all panicked as they're now being chased and not doing the chasing - so in a sense when they reached the peak, promotion was in their control - meaning that that was more to lose from each game than there was to win.

This time however we've entered Feb with nothing to lose, we aren't top of the league, we aren't in the playoff spots. Therefore the players really should now be able to go out there without any fear and give it everything they've got. Maybe that's how it worked for Palace last year, as once they were clear from the relegation zone, the fear factor stopped thus allowing them to play a lot more freely thus leading to success.

Hopefully the same now applies to city - if they play without fear, they are certainly one of the best teams (top 3 at least) in the division.

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Guest alex1089

good post hope this becomes reality but cant see this happening but we should really get 5-6th place as we have a easy run of games and teams above us don't so we should nip in!

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