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Luke, Observations Please


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I wondered about LWs substitution on Saturday, and would like someone who can string a coherent sentance together (joking) to give me an appraisal of his performance.

He sounded promising on the radio and I couldn't figure why he was taken off.

Interesting result. I've read lots on here about peoples opinions and this seems to have drawn some of BT's admirers back to the surface.

My opinions haven't changed. TD's return to temporary form is more than welcome and suprise! with some young creative and mobile legs in midfield, we created lots of chances.

well, well can BT learn from this, or will we see LW back on the bench? and Scotty meandering aimlessly about again?

Hats of to Steve brooker, he sounded inspirational.


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I'm one of Lukes biggest fans but he didnt have a great game on saturday. However, he has consistenly been better when he has played at home this season and we did play well as a team so he should definitely play on tuesday, I really wouldn't change anything apart from personel on the bench having more experience e.g. murray, smith (maybe unless he starts), orr and tins.

As i have already said on here, i just hope Brian doesnt put himself back in the starting line up, because the stem of our probs has been an ineffective midfield which is a lot due to his loss of form.

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