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The Kids Are Alright

Port Said Red

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Just a thought for tonight as we may see some of our "promising youngsters" in action.

A few other posts on here have mentioned that "lack of a fear factor" in their play, but it's worth mentioning that it will only remain as long as they have our backing.

They are all learning their trade and it's a difficult thing in front of an audience (I know I had to do it in my business). They will make the wrong decisions, they will pass instead of shoot and vice versa, they will try things that wont come off. be patient

They will develop the fear factor if they are greeted with negative comments when things don't work, I know it's a natural reaction sometimes but the more the crowd are supportive the more they will try to show their skills.

Get behind the kids. :):D

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Sound advice but probably most fans will not take it.

City have been struggling at AG and no matter whose playing any mistake will be moaned and groaned at by the majority of fans.

The opposite applies as well and hopefully Cotterill or Brown wil beat a couple of players and get in a decent ball.That'll lift them and the crowd.

For some reason I'm really looking forward to tonights game.

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