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05/06 Champions


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Prem - Would like to see the Arse but think it will be Chelski


League 1 - Come on? Who the fu k else would it be?

League 2 - Come on the gas! I want them to go up and STILL not be good enough to play us... razz.gif

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Forest (that's how bad I expect the division to be next season!)

who cares?


I actually think that this seasons division is stonger than last seasons. New additions Forest, Gillingham & Yeovil are sure to feature whilst both Oldham & Barnsley have made some very astute signings and I expect them to be knocking on the door of the top six. Add to that list the very consistent Hartlepool and Tranmere plus the vastly improving Doncaster & Huddersfield and suddenly everything doesn't look that rosey, does it? Thats not even mentioning Yeovil who continue to play attractive football and get results plus Swansea who have a new stadium and money to spend. Last season was our best chance for a long time ( No Wigans, Cardiffs, Crewes, Qprs) and we go and decide to appoint a rookie manager to do the job. THAT was our downfall last season and I fear, yet again, this

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