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City 2nd Favourite To Win League!

Guest eddrockett

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Guest eddrockett

OK I am fearing a backlash on this however I went to bet this evening on Bristol City to win the league as I thought the odds would be pretty good and was blown away to find out that City is 2nd favourite only behind Notts Forest!!!!

I mean although this is of course good news it means the best odds I can find are a stingy 7.5 - 1

This got me thinking, anyone else have any good football bets this season they are willing to share ;-)

Personally I am shocked the odds are so short on city to win, we did finish 7th after all......

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Guest Ben Wah Balls
My yankee bet for all four divisions is:-





That should win me a nice few quid!!

Can't see any of those winning.

Chelsea for the premiership

Wolves for the championship

Tranmere for league one

Lincoln for league two.

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