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2006 Calendar


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Pretty soon City, like most organisations, will consider next year's calendar. Looking at June in this month's calendar I see two ex City players!

Just a suggestion, each month of next year's effort could feature a photo or photos of memorable City games from that month in years gone by, eg;

January City 3 Chelsea 1 (1990).

Feb Leeds 0 City 1 (1974) or WBA 0 City 1 (1976).

Aug Arsenal 0 City 1 (1976).

Dec Gas 1 City 4 (1974) or Gas 1 City 2 (1983).

Is this idea worth taking up with Steve L and any suggestions for the other months please? Before you spot the one flaw in my cunning plan, June could be a pic of AG and July a montage of great former players.

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