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Tommy Speaks Out

Tim S

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Ive not seen the story yet - I can only see the headline on the back of todays Evil Post

Evil Post

They havent typed the story yet I can only see the headline.... TOMMY: MOVE LEFT ME GUTTED

I take it he is having a dig at Tins then becuase he probably didnt want to leave???

Anyone read the story yet? I would get a paper but living in Torquay at the mo!!!

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he doesnt say he's gutted because of his bad relationship with tinnion, but that he's gutted because he's leaving the club he supported as a boy and felt he had to leave.

he seemed really upset that he had to leave city. englandsmile4wf.gif

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A very professional attitude shown in those comments.

Shame he couldn't have shown it in his performances on the pitch.

His performances on the pitch were good. It was just his fitness and his mouth. Tommy is a winner and when he does't win he mouths is uncontrolable.

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The trouble is, I felt with Tommy he was like a cat with 9 lives.... but he used about 15 in his time here.

Every footballer is only human, they go out on the town like the rest of us, they socialise like the rest of us, football is a job to them - most of us have jobs too!

The trouble with Tommy is that he went out on the town a bit too much, socialised a bit too much when he probably should have been getting an early night for training the next day!

I thought Tommy was such a talent, and he showed it so many times. But in recent seasons the talen shown was overshadowed by poor effortless perfomances on the pitch that just showed that the good player was still there but the fitness wasnt.

And he got lazy with his mouth and tackling too - it seemed that every time he went out on the pitch you could almost put money on a yellow card being brandished to Tommy at some point.

He is a wonderful talent and I wish him well at QPR - but I agree with many people on here in saying it was time to move on.

If anybody can get the best out of Tommy, I do think that Holloway is the man to do it. Like Tommy said in the story, he is a great motivator - just what he needs in my opinion!

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At least Tommy, being in refelctive mood when talking to the Evil Post, appears to have some genuine regrets about what has happened recently. If he adopts a more professional attitude and takes the chances that come his way, I believe he could really do very well with his football career.

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