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My Hp Says - Lita Will Sign New Contract


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I ain't sure I hope he does, but then again I don't think he will but I will still hope

HP - Dark, spicey sauce.

My HP spoke to him last evening whilst working on a certain door in the centre. Up until now, he says their chats are that he hasn't signed a new contract; but last evening LL confirmed he was about to sign.

If I'm right, you'll be happy and trust me forever; if I'm wrong, you'll think I'mas bad as the rest. This is my only sauce posting and I hope it is accurate.

Unfortunately someone working on a door sees the boys all the time!


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Lita will sign for Reading this week for 800k if he was to sign a new contract he would of sign by now bye bye Lita

If he was to leave he would have left by now doh.gif

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