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May I have everyones views on the latest, and indeed the past few comments we have heard from the City players and staff?

I log on day after day to see if there are any encouraging standpoints and actions from the afore mentioned only to see comments like (slight paraphrasing but we all get the gist) 'that will silence the doubters' 'time to awaken the giant' 'our season starts here' 'it's time to produce' (Danny).

'that will silence the doubters' ......ummm no it hasn't.

'time to awaken the giant' ...... fine, but it has been in a coma since 1980.

'our season starts here' ..... no......the season started against County and has continued 'til this sad state.

'it's time to produce'...... it has been time to produce since County, unless you are admitting you have short changed us since the start of the season.

It is starting to sound more and more like a political party broadcast every time I log on.

Am I the only one that is getting cheesed off with the spin?

My fellow forum users' comments would be appreciated.

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Yes indeed, the BCFC management are starting to sound just like the elitist self-serving political plutocrats tha 'run' this country. The 'spin' (bull######e) that they post on the BCFC information board is designed to conceal our true league position of around 60th in the English football league. We are really on the road to nowhere with Danny Wilson at the helm.

Just like the current Blair administration and the Tories before them, BCFC is in grave danger of 'spinning' out of control :D

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Managers and Chairman of every proffessional club are expected by the fans and the National(Premier League clubs) and local media to come out with explantaions,views and opinions after every game in the case of the managers and every so often in the case of the Chairman. :Costumed19:

Because of the twice weekly statements from managers it very difficult for them to day anything original.Most them repeat themselves again and again and Wilson is no exception.In fact I rarely take any notice of what Wilson says post match because we've heard it all before win lose or draw.Its simple rhetoric.

As for club Chairman - they are largely limited in what they can say.They have to guard against upsetting their manager by publically slating them and the same goes for their players.Managers and Chairman both feed the public what they want to hear depending on the clubs situation.Basic PR.

Its a self protected world,football and mostly no-one says what they really think.Unless your're Graeme Souness.

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It annoys me too, but I think we just have to ignore it and only read the interesting stuff.

Its very hard for the manager to say something original every other day and even when they do the club might censor something which isn't 'on message'.

There are very few managers who can think of interesting things to say in my experience, most just play it safe and trot out the usual cliches. Don't forget their first job is to manage the club. Dealing with the PR side is secondary.

Plus - of course they're going to be upbeat ! Their jobs depend on convincing us that everything is going according to plan. If Danny came out and said 'sorry - I made some mistakes and the squad aren't good enough' he'd be slaughtered.

At the end of the day I'd still rather have Dannys rose-tinted nonsense than Graydons doom and gloom.

All of the above applys equally to Lansdown.

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