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You're Not Fit..........

Maesknoll Red

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I thought basso looked poor, he should have closed the first one down a bit more, it WAS a good finish but he didn't get his angle right.

The second - Skuse failed totally to close him down, but Basso also got it wrong, and I reckon he thought it was going over. That was a phillips flip over in another life!

the rest, well not his fault. but his kicking looked dodgy at times

Credit due for the good save he DID make.

I'm puzzled why people slag Youga.

He is always looking to pass the ball, and you could see his frustration at the lack of movement in front of him. he looks quite classy to me

Marcus Stewart.....oh my, Marcus, marcus, marcus... if this is you trying, it isn't good enough. You look slow and incapable of getting a decent first touch on the ball. you're not sniffing for goals, you're not linking play, certainly not helping by winning balls in the air, and fatally, not scoring goals.

I could go on, but I can't be arsed.

except for the abomination that was Orr.

he was dreadfull.


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