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Red Robin

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Right then this will stir a hornets nest but it has to be said.

There are business men at the helm of our beloved BCFC who could wipe our debts out tomorrow not to mention the fact that they could easily steamroll this club to the Premier League.

Now as a business man myself I am aware how hard it is to make money and keep money,When you take into account overheads,wages,costs of running business etc etc. it always seems a constant battle.

However two men on the board are worth a fortune and I mean a fortune.

They could splash 20 million and not even notice a hole in their pockets.

Personally I think the current chairman is very good, is shrewd in what he says and generally doing a reasonable job.

However to take this football club forward to at least a decent stage i.e top half of division 1 challenging for success for a number of seasons.

Steve Landsdown talks about waking the sleeping giant, well Steve this is going to take a considerable amount of money.

If you and your board do not wish to put your hard earned money to the cause, then surly it is time to market the club this football club has massive potential and I mean massive.

If the club was marketed to big business it has to be one of the cherrys untapped in the football world in the U.K

There has to be massive potential for someone or big business to take the bull by the horns and take this club forward.

The potential in the South West is massive the fan base is there look at the recent LDV fans finals everyone city played in, we took our full allocation.

When we have played the big boys in cup games we have taken thousands. It takes me back to the night at COVENTRY all those years ago when 11000 citys fans invaded the midlands a SIGHT i will never forget to the day I DIE.

Steve and the board it is time to take this club onward and upward, we all agree, but it is not going to happen on a shoestring budget.

Football is a big gamble we are aware of that, However in life the things that make us prosper are sometimes worth a gamble.

It is time to create or let someone else create the MASSIVE POTENTIAL that is BCFC.

Red Robin

:sport5: :sport5:

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Well posted, and accurate. Only two teams currently not in or relegated from the Prem, have the potential- us and Baadiff, and Sam the Sham has them.

So who will take us on??? Would he be a Red through & through?

And would the fans want it?

Personally, I would cos I'm p***** off playing in this ###### division, but there again I can remember us in Div1 years ago!!

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The one bloke to put the blame on us being where we are is David Russ the chairman before Scot Davidson if only he took what Al Fied (The now Fulham Chairman) was offering Al offerd to take BCFC off his hands but Mr Russ became greedy and Al went on to buy Fulham instead. Thats when SD stepped in and introduced Mr Laycock, & Mr Lansdown, so i am led to believe.

(Sorry for the spelling of Al fied but you know who i mean.)

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Guest spanish fly

As posted elsewhere but relevant to this thread

It's all very well for SL to go on about further investment in Gatepost but he can afford it - fact not knocking, because he is a damn good chairman, but then so was SD. Being chairman of any club is a thankless task but to suggest those who give all they can to give more is naughty, when the current board have enough to really invest but choose not to

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Landsdown and the board are already ploughing money into the club.Not the massive amounts that you are asking for but enough to keep the club alfloat.

The reality is that there are not many Jack Walkers, El Fayeds and Abramovichs about.Men who can easliy afford millions without missing it are rare indeed.

According to the Times Rich List Landsdown is worth around 32 million quid.Now I don`t have the slightest clue as to how that money is caught up.But he runs a successfull buisness which untill/and if he sells up his money is probably tied up in that.

£32m in assets is not 32million to put your hands on.

My house is worth several thousand but I can't spend it unless I sell up.

I'm just happy that City have a chairman who is prepared to spend some of his own money on the club.How much he spend is up to him and I don`t think its our buisness as fans to tell him how much he should spend.

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Interesting one - to be covered yet again.

I have said quite a bit on this during SL's tenure.

The one thing that sticks in my mind, was the comments of an ex Board member.

"While we have SL at the helm, the club is in secure hands financially" :(

Yep we would all like to think the Board would bank role us a little more, but whether you call it lack of ambition or good business sense, the fact is we must remain safe in the knowledge that we have the security of SL & his board.

Putting it another way, if you were a successful businessman, & Chairman of a professional football club, you wouldn't want to fail, as what would this do for your credibilty.

The interesting time will come, if we don't progress in the next couple of seasons & the club dosn't move forward under the current regime.

But for now we have to believe it will,safe in the knowledge we have some key money men at the helm. :)

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We would all like to see incredible amounts of money being ploughed into the club on players, but you have to have the right man in charge of the team to spend the money on the right players too.

DW has spent a million pounds on strikers during his time,and not one of them you can honestly say,looks any better than any other teams strikeforce in this division.

So if SL was to suddenly drop 10 million pounds on the table in front of DW, i still wouldn't be convinced that we would be any better off.

Getting the right man in charge would be the best bit of business SL could bring to BCFC. Ian Dowie is certainly worth a look at.

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I think that the original posting on his thread was a little misguided. The fact that SL and other board members have already kept this club alive despite losing £3milion plus means nothing to Red Robin. No, he demands more.

Well i'm afraid that although SL may have on paper got, what was the figure quoted? oh yes £32million, most of it is tied up in capital stock etc and he has a house and his own domestic things to look after as well, so he cannot hardly plough more into the club when he cannot get access to this money. Besides if he did, and the likelihood is that it would disappear down the maw of an ever hungry football club, it would put his business and his domestic life in financial jeopardy.

Imagine that, suddenly he was declared bankrupt. What then, Red Robin? What would be the net result of getting £5 million worth of players who bravely get us to the brink of promotion? Our main benefactor is suddenly pulled away from us and the club has nowhere to go financially. The debtors would be knocking on the door demanding that the monies owed to SL and therefore to the bailiffs clawing back SL's debts would be collected, and selling off playing stock is the best way of raising capital.

Now suddenly we have had to get rid of that £5 million worth of players and we also have nobody stumping up money for the wages of those players left. Now where is that coming from? Oh dear nobody.

End of story.

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