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I've just watched two of the Premierships less fashionable clubs play out a brilliant match on Sky Sports tonight.

B'ham 1 Charlton 2

End to end play with all 22 players giving everything they had and at a tremendous pace.Players playing with head bandages after 5 and 3 stiches respectively.Others carrying knocks and strains but still giving it everything.Steve Bruce's side finishing the game with 4 strikers on in an effort to save the game.

All the goals coming from corners and both 'keepers pulling off brilliant saves.Thoroughly fantastic entertainment.

I can`t wait untill the City are there - Well I can dream can't I ?? :Cool27:

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Best Premier League game I've seen on TV for a while, 15 shots at goal each side, both with 10 on target. A shot at goal every 3 minutes.....

As enjoyable as it was, it really only highlights the massive gulf in class between the Premier League and Division 2 and unless we either land ourselves an oligarch or persaude the missing thousands to attend every game, it seems a insurmountable distance away.

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I agree that was a fantastic match and it was a shame that it had to finish. Everyone seemed commited to their club and dispite them not being the best clubs in the Premier League they proved that they could play football of a high standard.

I do admire Cubishley though, I hated Charlton once after they knocked us out of the FA Cup with Old Trafford in sight but theye are now one of my favourite Premier League clubs as they are not scared of anyone and do a professional job.

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This forum is taking the biscuit.

There have always been plenty of people on here who've said they're quite happy in the nationwide, terracing, cheap-ish tickets etc...

And now everyone is knocking one out over one Prem game between the two most boring sides in the Prem!

Cmon these games happen, although its clearly where we wanna be personally I'd be priced out of watching City ( a club no doubt full of cheap French signings who don't give a damn about Bristol) NO THANKS!


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