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352 vs 442 vs 433 vs ?


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I suggested after Saturday that teams who have done their homework can come here and shut us up playing the 3-5-2 formation.

If that happens we need to be able to adapt, indeed we tried to go to 442 Saturday but still ended up hanging on.

Tonight Bradford (clearly being managed by Barlow not Wetherall!) knew how to blunt our new found wing play to great effect

and we failed to deal or adapt to their tactics.

A few tactical questions and some thoughts about tonight.

Betsy and Wilson were both having to be very defensive (which Betsy cannot do well) this stopped any supply from the flanks.

I'll give the footballing gods the nod tonight as Paynters goal was out of nothing and out of nowhere.

(Who saw it from the side? should Basso have jumped?)

But I'm suprised that GJ didn't react earlier to change it around. He persisted in the 2nd half and we seemed to get worse!

Rather than a very ineffective Smith, perhaps pushing Betsy upfront, and letting Wilson swap flanks, and adding a bit of bite in McCallister on the left

(although I suspect McCallister would have been turned inside out by their nippy winger!!)

We looked too fragile, too many players once again hiding and letting their heads go down.

Why can't GJ seem to pick them up on moments like this? am I asking too much?

Carey battled, but it was too late.

Hell I'd have brought on Carey and pushed McCoombe up much earlier, not bothered with Smith - yeah, I know - hindsight!

Betsy seemed unable to either pass or run tonight, maybe it was that useless full back that a few too many people were happy to laugh at prior to the game

(I thought Youga had Betsy in his pocket all night)

Sadly Johnson Jr fed the flames again with an inept performance that led to his justified substitution. Again, I think Noble and Johnson double up in the 3-5-2 formation. having one playmaker and Russel and Skuse is a better bet for me. (Skuse worked bloody hard again tonight)

Enoch - oh, enoch what are we to do with Enoch?

one minute he scares the living beejabers out of the defenders, the next he's as effective as a...well, an ineffective striker who can't maintain consistency.

Jevons also bewilders me. and I don't feel that he and Enoch play well together.

(Please can we have our Brooker back?)

Oh I don't know, 4 points clear in second place, hooray - should have been 7 - arg!

thats City.

Oh a quick word about the ref

'if you time waste any more you naughty Bradford players, I'll tell you off and let that be a warning to you'

3 minutes extra time with all 6 subs on? eh?

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4-3-3 was a massive error, as we went too narrow, and as the Sags proved, if we play narrow, we struggle against an organised side. We needed width, and instead of Betsy providing that, he was too deep. Easy with hindsight really.

BTW, agree with most of the original post, and if Smith is the answer, what is the question??

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