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Hero, Unlikely Hero or Villain?


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Tomorrow who do you think could be the Hero, Unlikely Hero or Villain?

My money is on Brooker being the hero or Orr being the unlikely hero!


Hero: Lee Johnson...

Unlikely Hero: Enoch Showunmi...

Villain: Adriano Basso...

...Lee Johnson because he has the ability to change a game and make a match winning pass or score a match winning goal.

...Enoch because, although he hasnt played too well recently, when on top form is one of the best strikers in the league. And i fancy him to be on that form tomorrow.

...Basso because, basically i couldnt think of anyone else. And, if anyone is to make a mistake, his will be the most costly. (And before anyone starts on me for Basso bashing, I'm not! Just simply stating that if any keeper makes a mistake, it nearly always leads to a goal!)

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The whole team will be hero's

McCallister and Wilson Unlikely Hero's

Fans who turn up to cause trouble will be the Zero's


I'm going to plump for a moment of magic from Noble to make him a hero - assuming he plays.

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Hero - Noble.Scores the winner in the last min having come on as sub.

Unlikely hero - ballboy who gets the ball back to a City player in rapid quick time thereby leading to the last min goal.

Villain - the referee - gave Forest a very dodgy pen from which they scored the equaliser.

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Hero: Once again, Jamie McCombe. Holds back the Forest tide like the defensive colossus he is!

Unlikely Hero: Has to be Andy Smith. Scores his first maybe only goal in English football; but what an important goal it would be!

Villain: Nottm Forest. If they sneak a result they'll be more Sheriff of Nottingham than Robin Hood in my eyes!


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Hero Jamie Mccombe to score his first home goal and the win against the tree huggers.

Unlikely hero Skusey for his first home goal for a long time

Villian the ref for allowing an extra 5 minutes of added time our defence falling asleep and allowing the tree huggers to equilise!! agggghhh.

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