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Who Are You Most Looking Forward To Playing Next Season

Barrs Court Red

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Wolves, even though only went on sunday wouldnt mind going back again next season. The atmosphere there was well good. Cardiff, stoke, Burnley, plymouth, Ipswich, Norwich, Sheff Wed, Palace and QPR as there the only championship grounds i got left except for cardiff as i went last season.

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I was also at Wolves Sunday as a Blues fan - atmosphere was cracking. Very moody place to go & a tin hat and body armour was in order after the game!

I am looking forward to seeing the cider army around the Midlands next season!

I didnt see any of that. i was in the Steve Bull stand above the away fans, so where the home fans exit was you had to turn right away from the away exit, and where we parked had to walk the other way round of the ground. As when came out was a bit presence of police and stuff to block the way to get down towards the away fans.

One thing i found atmosphere wise being sat above the away end, i could hardly ever hear them, like i could see them up the other end but no noise apart from when they scored. I could hear the rest of the ground, but for some reason everything they sang it all seemed a bit of a blur as all the words were like together and could make out what the song was.

They know how to get the crowd going their prematch, maybe someone from city should go up there and take notes. As they got all four stands singing ring of fire, which they then went of to keep singing for a lot of the game, and then also had Hi Ho Wolverhampton aswell which was belted out.

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Barnsley, Colchester & S****horpe.

I'm going to spend 90% of next season feeling "homesick" I reckon....

I'm going to feel 50% of the season homesick. Season ticket again. And every away game. Did Scunny on the Monday night in Feb and Coventry on the Tuesday. Be all too happy to do that again in the Championship.

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