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Don't Panic!


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It's natural to panic right now, but when everyone settles down over the next couple of days I'm sure that optimism will return and we'll be feeling a hell of a lot better for next Saturday.

I still believe!

I'd avoid this place for the next couple of days. Certain people on here are knee-jerk at the best of times, and it'll go into overdrive for the next week or so.

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Put it this way...

I'd rather we lost one and won one out of Millwall and Rotherham than drew both.

Let's forget about it and look to next week.

PS think of it this way... Carey missed today, which would have been his 500th career appearence. Next week, in front of a full Ashton Gate, he wins us promotion in his hometown. That's what I'll be thinking of to salve the pain today!

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