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Don't know if you recall last season's 3-1 defeat at home to QPR, but what struck me about it at the time was their tactics on Tommy, not rough house stuff but they crowded him with an extra player in midfield and his lack of mobility meant that he was a peripheral figure.

Now the Tommy of the Wrexham game is an automatic fixture in our side and although personally I don't think he's played too well since, I'm sure he'll be in the starting line up.

Tinman will play too, I expect, though Danny's tactic of playing him on the left isn't as strange as many think, don't forget that most of Scotty's goals last year came from Tinman's diagonal passes from that position and I reckon we need mobility and strength alongside Tommy in the centre for this one.

With Scotty a cert on the right and Tommy in the middle I'd go for Clayton Fortune alongside the Doc with Tinman on the left.

I see Goodfellow and Wilkshire as too fragile for this one though Luke would be on the bench as an alternative to the middle pairing.

Up front it's perm any 2 from 6! Having finally ended his goal drought I'd go with the same pairing as Saturday, Peacock and Rougier with Miller and Lita on the line.

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Its been said elsewhere but there is a dire lack of creativetity in the midfield recently with no pace on either wing.

Wilson has to go all out to beat QPR and play Roberts on the left and Murray on the right with Docherty and either Tinnion or Wilkshire in the middle.

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