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Managers Passion

Big Red Rich

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All managers seem to have many different ways of showing emotion. Some scream into a mic on live tv ala Keegan. Others will celebrate a goal just as much as the scorer ala Barry Fry-up and Martin O'Neil.

I used to enjoy seeing Wardy continually clap the fans home and away as a sign of appreciation for our support.

Alex Ferguson and Arsene Venger always seem to keep their cool no matter what the situation.

I can still remember vividly the day Di Canio pushed the ref over, as Paulo was walking off the pitch you caught a glimpse of the motionless Wilson probably totally browning his pants and what had gone on, still no emotion.

I never saw how Wilson celebrated Peacocks or Rosenior goals at Cardiff but i can imagine it as a blank look on his face.

So, whats your opinions on our managers emotion. Do you like the cool calm approach as it currently stands or would you like to see him belting down the touchline shaking hands with all the fans?

Personally, i would like to see a little more then a sly tap of his hands towards the fans while he is walking to the tunnell.

I wonder what he would be like if we won promotion, anyone hazard a guess??


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Guest H Block Drum n' Bass

Martin o'neills goal celebrations are class, always a joy to watch but i love hollowheads pointless post-match comments!

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Wilson (I've never actually met him) strikes me as one cool dude.

He rarely shows any kind of emotion publically.He'll respond to "Danny Danny,give us a wave", smile when interviewed from time to time and berate the officials occaisionally but apart from that he never say anything contraversial and always coming out with something bland and predictable.

Thats just the way he is.

Be interesting to see what he' be like in an informal situation with a glass or two on board.... :ph34r:

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